Glenfields Care Home 

Laura Harding owns Glenfields Care Home in Driffield, East Yorkshire and recently invested in 10 Sterilon Flow units for the site, along with the high powered CK1000 unit, which is used to sterilise all surfaces in a room within minutes when it is unoccupied.

This is what Laura has to say about the CK1000:

“I call it my Covid Killer.  It has proved vital in sterilising rooms between residents, especially when we have had a positive case”

About UV-C in general, Laura comments:

“I knew about the effectiveness of UV-C as a Covid deterrent because we also run Care Quality Commission approved designated scheme settings, where we have been regularly using UV lights.  We have now installed air-sterilisation units across our Glenfields site at a cost of approximately £200 per room.  That’s a small price to pay for the safety and well-being of our residents.  We’re obviously addressing an immediate challenge, but the investment has been made for the long-term – we want to be as protected as possible”

In addition to giving residents the best protection possible, the UV-C solution also provides a valuable knock on effect of making care home staff feel much more comfortable and confident in carrying out their day to day work.  Laura sums up by saying: “In addition to the actual sterilisation which is being delivered, the confidence it has given my team has been striking.  There has been a palpable change in atmosphere at the care home since we started using UV Clean Light’s sterilisation equipment”.

Laura Harding – Owner

A test report was carried out by UV Clean Light to measure the levels of UV-C radiation delivered by the 1000W unit in specific rooms within  Glenfields Care Home.  The results are particularly useful to determine areas over which germs, specifically SARS CoV-2, will be effectively eradicated.  Read the UV-C Metering Test – Glenfields Care Home – 27th January 2021