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Risk Assessment and UV Guidance

UV-C is safe when the eyes and skin are protected. Without any PPE, prolonged direct exposure to UV-C light can cause temporary skin redness and eye irritation.  Direct exposure to the skin and eyes is to be AVOIDED.  UV-C is light radiation, its effects are exactly the same as ARC welding and should be respected as a radiation source (much the same as your UV Curing devices or your X ray machine).  The UV-C light radiation is near the invisible end of the light spectrum, the lights glow with a dim blue colour, please do not make the mistake of assuming this is harmless or not powerful. The majority of the harmful radiation is not visible at all.

Our advice is no one is in the room when the UV-C lights are on. No unit or  device should be looked at directly without eye protection and skin should also be protected. Please consult the HSE website for further advice.


Promotional items for
your surgery

To help you advertise that your surgery is kept safe and virus free using UVDS, we’ve provided some promotional and educational materials below that can be printed and put on display.