CK1000 – 1000W Microwave Mobile Disinfection Unit

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CK1000 – 1000W
Microwave Mobile Disinfection Unit

Our most powerful unit, the CK1000, is also our most energy efficient too. Patented electrodeless microwave technology with a UV-C light output at 253.7nm of 1700 mj/cm2 @ 1M distance this will irradiate large rooms in just minutes . Its is fully portable and easily moved by one person. It has a built in safety timer allowing operator to leave the room before irradiation begins.

  • 1000W  Rapid disinfection time.
  • 1700mj/cm2 @1m ( up to 150M2 in 20 Mins)
  • No electrodes inside the bulbs
  • Long lamp Life 30,000 hours
  • Energy saving ( 50% less than a traditional UVC)
  • Mobile with locking castors
  • Fully stainless Steel
  • Electrode-less Microwave technology
  • Highest power in the market
  • CE Marked
  • Dentist Studios for Aerosol irradiation
  • Meeting rooms
  • Waiting rooms
  • Reception areas
  • Care Homes, Schools, Gyms and Offices
  • Delay timer 15s when energised
  • Caged light source
  • CE Marked
  • Thermal protection
  • Microwave shield