CK75 – 75W UV-C Stainless Steel unit

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CK75 – 75W UV-C Stainless Steel unit

A powerful 75W unit the CK75 come complete with a remote control for on /off and timed use as well as a unique safety device built in. The CK75 has a motion sensor house inside the stainless-steel frame which automatically detects movement in the room and shuts down the unit for 30 seconds.

The remote control can turn the unit on and off and also set the timer for 15,30 or 45 mins irradiation. The light housing is brushed stainless steel 304 and comes complete with 6 mounting slots for wall or ceiling mount.

  • 75W Rapid disinfection time.
  • Air and surface treatment of contaminants.
  • Long lamp Life 10,000 hours
  • Traditional UV-C source low pressure lamp
  • Built in staff and patient safety device.


  • Multiple mounting holes
  • Fully stainless Steel 304
  • Wall or ceiling mount
  • Remote control
  • Quartz Glass with Ceramic holders
  • Dentist Studios for Aerosol irradiation
  • Meeting rooms
  • Waiting rooms
  • Reception areas
  • Care Homes, Schools, Gyms and Offices
  • Remote Control
  • Caged light source
  • Ceramic Lamp Holders
  • Timer function for auto switch off
  • Motion Detection built in